Document Management

Power your Digital Transformation​

Digital Transformation requires the digital information that leading Document Management Systems provide.

MBS provides Laserfiche, ranked the #1 Customer’s Choice for 2020 by Gartner. 

It securely manages all your files plus it integrates with your other systems to automate your processes. 

We can help you accelerate your Digital Transformation

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Power your Digital Transformation

We can help you build seamless solutions with Document and Records Management built in.

We have helped clients build digital solutions including for Client Onboarding, Contract Management and Staff Recruitment.

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Why invest in Document Management?

Good Document Management is the foundation for Digital Transformation

Work Smarter

Make fast, effective decisions by having information at your fingertips

Automate Processes

Use information from documents to automate common processes, saving time and money while delighting your customers

Accelerate Change

Use leading-edge tools to build solutions that integrate with your existing systems, saving time and money while reducing risk

Download the Document Management Buyers Guide

Client Testimonials

Are you ready to embrace digital transformation?

Engineer Insights

Richard Clowser
Richard Clowser Senior Solutions Engineer - Integration Specialist

“From my years as a CIO, I know that IT leaders want proven systems that are easy for them to maintain as well as easy for the front-line staff to use. Life in IT today is complex enough! Of all the systems I have used, Laserfiche has been the easiest for both the IT team to implement and for end users to use. If you are thinking about buying a system like Laserfiche, do ask for references from existing clients so you can hear about their experiences.”

Nigel Maddocks
Nigel Maddocks Solutions Engineer - Data Migration Specialist

"Migrating existing documents into Laserfiche is often the biggest concern for new clients. Many admit that existing documents are spread across Windows folders, legacy systems, Email archives and paper, so worry that migrating everything into Laserfiche could cause the project to fail. Migrations can be challenging but at MBS we have helped clients migrate many Terabytes of data from all over the world. We have built up migration tools and techniques over the years such that every client migration has been successful. In short: don't panic, we can help you through the process."

Chris Douglas
Chris Douglas Senior Solutions Engineer - Infrastructure Specialist

"Clients have increasingly complex IT infrastructure. They need to know they can rely on Laserfiche to manage business-critical documents and processes. I have helped over 50 clients design the right solution for their needs, ranging from clients with 10 staff in one office to clients with thousands of staff in many offices worldwide. Laserfiche has proven itself to be very scalable, reliable solution that meets the needs of both large and small organisations. I have also been impressed by improvements in recent years to automate common tasks – as a result it has never been easier to implement and maintain.”

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    We support a global client base using Laserfiche integrated with many different legacy systems.

    Training staff & educating our customers is a key part of your
    Digital Transformation journey.