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Process Automation

Automate your business processes to transform your performance

Automating business processes is crucial to boost customer service, cut costs and reduce operational risks.

We bring leading products that integrate with your existing systems to give you effective solutions - fast.

From quick wins to complete solutions for specific processes through to strategic portals serving your customers. 

Why Automate?

Grow Revenues

Customers demand online, real-time service. We can help you deliver that. One client DOUBLED new business in a year.

Cut Costs

Automation can eliminate 90% of the effort in many processes. At the same time it can improve speed, accuracy and compliance

Empower Staff

Free staff from the drudgery of manual processes. Liberate them to focus on delighting customers and growing your business.

Process Automation examples...

We have helped clients use Process Automation to digitally transform. We can help you build seamless solutions including for Client Onboarding, Contract Management,  and  Staff Recruitment.

Visit our Solutions section for more details.

Want even bigger benefits?

Client Testimonials

Process Automation will help you Digitally Transform

Engineer Insights

Dan Phair Image
Dan Phair Solutions Engineer - Specialising in Process Automation

“Clients increasingly want solutions to specific business issues that are fast, affordable and integrate with existing IT systems. I have helped many clients to build solutions using Laserfiche Forms and Workflow which are really easy to use, enabling MBS to build rapid solutions that clients can test and refine. We have found the best approach is to show the relevant staff what it can do in order to help them visualise how it could address their issues. We find they quickly get engaged and value the rapid, practical help that Laserfiche can bring.”

Chris Douglas
Chris Douglas Solutions Engineer - Specialising in Integrations

“IT has changed radically in the last couple of years. Many systems used to work well on their own BUT were poor at interfacing with other systems. The rapid acceleration of Digital Transformation means this is not acceptable. I strongly recommend you look for systems that have strong, open interfaces that enable fast integration so you can automate business processes effectively. If you need to keep a legacy system that has poor interfaces, do ask us about how Laserfiche can integrate with it using the Connector. We have helped clients to build integrations that their other suppliers said were impossible.”

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