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Secure Collaboration

Securely and rapidly share information and documents with clients, suppliers and others

Customers and partners want rapid, 24x7 access to your services.

We provide secure Portals and file sharing tools that enable your organisation to share information and documents directly with clients, intermediaries and others.

Remove up to 90% of the time and effort required for many processes.

We can have you live in about a week.

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Secure Collaboration in action

We have helped clients securely collaborate worldwide for over a decade – see our solutions applied in Client Onboarding, Contract Management,  Human Resource Onboarding

What we offer

Proven Secure Portals

We give you a secure Portal used worldwide that enables full collaboration with third parties within a week using Objective Connect

Tailored Portals

We can quickly build secure Portals tailored to you specific needs using Laserfiche

Secure File Sharing

Laserfiche Share enables you to share confidential files directly with third parties – plus it gives you a full audit trail so you know when they accessed them

Engineer Insights

Richard Clowser
Richard Clowser Senior Solutions Engineer - Integration Specialist

“Clients are telling us there is now a pressing need in many sectors to share data and files securely with customers and other third parties and with a full audit trail. Many clients are drowning in emails which can be vulnerable to fraud plus very hard to manage. The needs to (i) give customers online, real-time information and (ii) automate processes is driving many organisations to look for better solutions. I have found there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We have helped clients find the right solution for them, including portals, secure Cloud-based collaboration systems and secure file-sharing tools. Now is a great time to think what information it would be valuable to share with your customers, suppliers and others. Then we can discuss which tools might be right for you.”

Covid has accelerated the need for Secure Collaboration

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