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Human Resources

Streamline your Human Resource practices

HR requires you to handle complex, sensitive documents and to execute many processes to ensure you attract and retain the talent your organisation needs.

Meet Records Management and Data Privacy requirements including GDPR with Laserfiche.

Handle difficult issues such as Subject Access Requests and Requests to be Forgotten quickly and effectively.


We provide leading systems (Laserfiche, DocuSign and ABBYY) which integrate with each other and with your legacy systems to give you rapid solutions tailored to your needs.

Laserfiche includes a proven set of HR business processes (such as staff onboarding, appraisals, leave requests and expense claims) to help you to eliminate unnecessary paperwork PLUS improve staff satisfaction and organisational efficiency.

We can help you:

Delight your staff

A survey shows 1 in 3 workers consider leaving their job due to poor processes and IT systems that made their job frustrating. Enabling staff to get the HR support they need quickly and easily through online Forms helps you address this issue and free your staff to focus on adding value to your organisation and your customers.

Protect sensitive data

With all documents in one secure repository and powerful search tools, you can get the information you need when you need it as well as meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR.

Improve productivity

By automating and simplifying many common HR processes, you can boost the productivity of all staff including HR.

Attract the talent your organisation needs

Contracts can be indexed and filed without any manual data entry or processing

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