Contract Management

Digitally Transform your Contract Approvals

Remove highly manual processes, eliminating non-standard contractual agreements.

Manage approvals effectively and timely through automation giving you effective protection.

We help clients implement contract management solutions that incorporate leading practices, giving you the flexibility you need.

Contract Management Workflow

Transform your contract processes

We provide leading systems (Laserfiche, DocuSign and ABBYY) which integrate with each other and with your legacy systems to give you rapid solutions tailored to your needs.

We can help you:

Improve profits and reduce risks

Online approval processes enable stronger controls, identify and manage risks more effectively plus provide a clear audit trail

Delight customers and partners

Complete contract processes faster. This increases customer satisfaction, maximises revenues and optimises purchase costs. 65% of businesses said their contract process had caused delays in signing deals

Improve the contract lifecycle

Automate contract filing and renewal process management. 27% of businesses admitted they had sent a contract to the wrong party. 10% admitted losing signed contracts

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