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We are helping the public sector embrace Digital Transformation to serve the community more effectively than ever

We are helping local and national bodies deliver on-line services to citizens 24x7 while driving down costs.

We have worked with the public sector for over a decade so we understand its complex document management and record management needs.

A great example is the exciting work we did with the IOM’s General Registry to provide an online solution for Land Registry which proved invaluable when the pandemic hit.

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Power your Digital Transformation

Provide public services online 24x7x365

We have helped clients transform manual, paper-based processes that can be accessed only in office hours to online services, dramatically improving citizen satisfaction - especially during COVID-19

Reduce costs

Our solutions have helped improve staff productivity greatly, enabling both cost savings plus allowing staff to focus on more valuable tasks than administration

Improve demonstrable compliance

Our solutions include automated audit trails of activities plus reporting tools that give you far greater visibility and control over your activities. This helps you meet rising public accountability requirements including GDPR

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Digital Transformation journey.