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MBS has been a Gold Certified Solution Partner of Laserfiche since 2010. Today we are Laserfiche's largest Partner in Europe.

Our Engineers are Platinum-certified and highly experienced. As a result, we can help our clients design, implement and support Laserfiche solutions that deliver substantial bottom-line benefits.

Laserfiche recognised as a world leader in Document Management and Process Automation

  • Laserfiche is rated as  #1 in its field by leading independent assessments including:

    • Gartner Peer Insights for the fourth year in a row.  This is based on reviews by thousands of system users.
    • Nucleus Research 
    • G2
Gartner Peer Insights
Laserfiche Forms Desktop

About Laserfiche

Laserfiche is a scalable software solution that gives your business peace of mind on your digital transformation journey. 

The suite of Laserfiche products will help you:

  • Remove the need to store paper documents
  • Reduce document retrieval time by up to 90%
  • Improve document filing time by at least 30%
  • Eliminate mis-filed and missing documents
  • Ensure transparency of all document/paper trails
  • Implement  Digital Transformation for your organisation

Why Laserfiche?


Laserfiche is used by over 40,000 organisations and 500 million users worldwide to manage critical content and business processes.

Simple to use

Laserfiche has been designed to be easy to use by developers, IT support and end users. The benefits of this is reliable, affordable solutions that staff are happy to use. That translates into substantial benefits for the organisation.

Effective Content Management

Laserfiche enables users to manage all content securely including advanced search capabilities of all content and Records Management capabilities to enable you to meet regulatory standards including GDPR.

Powerful Process Automation tools

Laserfiche has a no-code toolset that enable you to design and build online Forms and Workflow quickly and easily, PLUS integrate with your legacy systems, whether they have proven interfaces or not. This means you can automate processes faster and cheaper then achieve bigger benefits including increasing revenues, reducing costs and improving visibility and control of activities.

Want even bigger benefits?

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