Platform Integrations

Achieve Digital Transformation by integrating your IT systems

Automating business processes often requires multiple IT systems to be integrated.

We provide leading systems that integrate with each other as well as other leading systems.

In addition we have tools that can enable you to integrate with your legacy systems - even those without defined interfaces.

As a result, we can help you deliver bigger benefits more quickly for less cost at less risk.

Power your Digital Transformation

We help clients integrate systems to produce the best solutions that automate key business processes including: Client Onboarding, Invoicing Processing, Contract Management and Staff Recruitment.  This includes integrations with many popular systems (such as Microsoft Office and Salesforce) as well as sector-specific systems.

Popular Integrations

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has over 100 pre-built integrations including: Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Sharepoint ESRI ABBYY FlexiCapture DocuSign Salesforce Dynamics 365 TrustQuay NavOne and 5Series systems for wealth managers YARDI property management system JD Edwards SAP

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has over 350 pre-built integrations including: Laserfiche Salesforce SAP

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has many pre-built integrations including: Laserfiche, RPA systems such as UiPath, BluePrism and Automation Anywhere

Are you ready to embrace digital transformation?

Trust Quay NavOne

TrustQuay - NavOne

TrustQuay is a leading provider of wealth management systems. MBS provides Laserfiche Content Management System to many leading wealth managers. We have teamed up to build a 2-way interface between TrustQuay NavOne and Laserfiche. This is helping our clients maximise the benefits of Digital Transformation by automating business processes requiring both systems.

TrustQuay - 5Series

We have partnered with TrustQuay to build an interface between TrustQuay 5Series and Laserfiche. Again, this is helping the wealth managers we serve to take advantage of the best of both systems, raising staff productiviity and compliance.

Trust Quay 5series
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ESRI - Geographic Information System

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are rapidly growing in importance as organisations need to quickly find the relevant documents and information for specific locations. ESRI is the clear leader in this field. It is deployed in more than 350,000 organizations, including the world’s largest cities and most national governments. MBS has experience of integrating Esri with Laserfiche to enable you to easily access the relevant documents rapidly.

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