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We are helping many of the world's leading wealth managers achieve the benefits of Digital Transformation

Leading wealth managers are embracing technology to meet the needs of today's clients, regulators, staff and investors.

MBS has worked with many sector leaders for over a decade, providing world-leading Process Automation, Document Management, eSignatures, Video Conferencing and Print solutions.

We integrate solutions with leading systems in the sector including TrustQuay's NavOne and 5Series plus Viewpoint.

Now is an exciting time as we are helping our clients to pursue Digital Transformation to deliver better performance than ever.

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Power your Digital Transformation

We have helped clients build digital solutions including for Client Onboarding, Invoicing Processing, Payment Requests, Contract Management and Staff Recruitment

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Boost Productivity

We can help you automate many tasks. Intertrust estimates it has raised staff productivity by 14% and saved 20 million sheets of paper a year since working with MBS.

Grow Revenues

Reducing client onboarding costs while giving clients more online services are now crucial to winning and retaining clients. MBS has helped clients to build Portals enabling rapid onboarding and secure online services

Automate Compliance

Compliance costs continue to rise and the rapid pace of reform continues. MBS can help you automate many compliance activities including GDPR with easy-to-use tools that you to implement changes rapidly and affordably.

Add Shareholder Value

Investors increasingly value technology to enable sector-leading client service and productivity while keeping all records in good order. As a result, technology is directly adding to the value of the business at a time of sector consolidation.

Trust Quay NavOne

TrustQuay - NavOne

TrustQuay is a leading provider of wealth management systems. MBS provides Laserfiche Content Management System to many leading wealth managers. We have teamed up to build a 2-way interface between TrustQuay NavOne and Laserfiche. This is helping our clients maximise the benefits of Digital Transformation by automating business processes requiring both systems.

TrustQuay - 5Series

We have partnered with TrustQuay to build an interface between TrustQuay 5Series and Laserfiche. Again, this is helping the wealth managers we serve to take advantage of the best of both systems, raising staff productiviity and compliance.

Trust Quay 5series

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