Electronic Identification

The switch to digital services has accelerated dramatically due to Covid.

As a result there is a greater need than ever to be able to identify customers online quickly while effectively combatting fraud.

We provide electronic identification (e-ID) solutions from leaders in this critical field which can automatically check photo-ID such as passports for most countries.

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e-IDs in Action

We have helped clients use eIDs to validate a wide range of business processes including Contract Management, Client Onboarding, and Staff Recruitment

Protect your business

Automatically validate photo-IDs to help prevent fraud

Delight your customers

Provide rapid validation that protects your customers while enabling rapid access to your services

Meet compliance requirements

Meet legal and regulatory standards including eIDAS

Business Insight

Chris Corlett
Chris Corlett Head of Business Development

“Since Covid, there has been a very rapid uptake of eSignatures to replace paper and ink. At the same time, levels of online fraud have never been higher plus regulatory requirements for KYC/AML continue to rise. As a result, there is now substantial client interest in electronic identification and verification solutions. Analysts predict that use of these systems will grow dramatically, so now is a good time for you to learn more.”

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