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Many of today’s CFO’s are looking at ways to reduce expenditure, improve efficiencies and broaden the bottom line. Businesses with a global presence and those with high travel expenditure should take a fresh look at today’s Video Conferencing technology. If any of the following relate to your organisation, then you should definitely get in touch!

  • High travel costs
  • Too much time spent/wasted ‘en-route’
  • Questionable need to travel
  • Already considering video conferencing

Then it’s time to work smarter. With solutions from Lifesize and Polycom, two of the worlds leading manufacturers of VC technology, we provide a range of solutions including a radically simple cloud based service; delivering incredible quality video conferencing to ensure your best business decisions are made in person no matter where people happen to be.


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You can start connecting over the highest quality video on any room video system, laptop, tablet, or smartphone – and meet instantly with individuals or teams, inside or outside your company. Working with the latest iOS and Android™ devices, Lifesize Cloud Solutions enable you to initiate instant video calls or scheduled virtual meetings for complete hassle-free management of a world-class video solution. Users also have the ability to record a video call or meeting and immediately share the conversation with others inside and outside of the organization comes to business.Alternatively, download a Brochure, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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