Technology is changing virtually every aspect of doing business. Staying current requires constant vigilance as a failure to adapt leaves your business vulnerable. MIT Sloan research found that companies thriving in the digital economy were 26% more profitable than their industry peers – and the gap is widening.

For organisations to improve their customer experience, they must pay attention to data driven insights and optimise their business processes, cutting across normal internal and external barriers, to delight customers and assist with compliance. Leading technology plays an essential role in this.

Over the past decade, our team of experienced solution engineers has undertaken many successful integration projects to deliver fast, effective change for organisations of every size. We can help you identify, respond, and navigate through the world of digital disruption with creative solutions to stay competitive and create future growth.

We’ve previously helped 300+ clients to use leading technology to deliver improvements. We’ve assisted schools to become more digitally adept, helped wealth managers to create a culture that makes data-based decisions, and shown payroll providers how to automate manual office processes, among many more.

We help you work towards a paperless office by moving paper based processes to digital forms with real time access to their status, and replacing the need of ink signatures with electronic signatures using DocuSign. Having fewer manual, paper processes saves valuable time and money plus reduces the risk of a data breech.

Paper still has a valuable role to play in a modern office. Using Canon and Uniflow, we can help you transform how you use paper to reduce print costs, encrypt scans, and avoid confidential documents being left on printers.

Learn more about our five-step process below.



We will help identify technology gaps and put together an action plan to make your business procedures better, faster, and more intuitive.



By moving everything to a single ‘digital filing cabinet’, it can become easily searched, categorised, and reported on.



You can start removing manual entry processes with secure digital forms and legally binding digital signatures to streamline your business procedures.



Less time spent on inputting and administrative tasks boosts morale, increases productivity, and allows your employees to have higher value.



With better quality data, automated procedures, and improved business workflows, you can win new customers, attract the brightest talent, and anticipate where the best opportunities lie.


“MBS provided excellent and valuable support to IQE in helping us synchronise our database integrations and deploy Laserfiche’s automated workflows. This has enabled the business to free up staff resource so that IQE can focus on our client relationships and deliver the highest standards of service.”

David Karran, Managing Director, IQE International Fiduciary Services

“In terms of advice for anyone looking to go down this road, the best tip I have is to ensure you can trust the company that implements the technology. The software, for all its bells and whistles, is only as good as the consultant who specifies it and the engineer that installs it. We chose MBS, partly because they are the biggest Laserfiche reseller in Europe, but mostly because they took the time to understand our operation and our needs. We put them through a harsh selection process, but they came out with flying colours and have proven very reliable.”

Paul McFarlane, Head of Operations, Glasgow Credit Union

“As customers have become more digitally savvy and e-signature technology has matured, the market no longer focuses on the foundational capabilities of signing documents without pen and paper. Regulations are

also evolving to enable widespread use of e-signatures. For example, the implementation of the eIDAS legislation in July 2016 fosters the use of electronic signatures across borders within the European Union. Esignature has become a component in a larger system of agreement, where companies have processes and technologies to support the preparation, signing, enacting, and management of agreements. Our analysis indicates DocuSign delivers improved customer experience, shortened turnaround times, stronger security and compliance and reduced costs such that the ROI is 120% and the payback period less than 6 months.”

Matt Carter, Project Director, Forrester Research Inc


52% of executives site ‘a lack of familiarity with technology’ as a barrier to digital transformation.

Our friendly and dependable team can accelerate your digital transformation journey so that you work smarter and become proactive, rather than reactive, to change.

Are you ready to embrace digital disruption?