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Many organisations need to run multiple applications, however, it is a fact that many applications do not effectively communicate with each other, often requiring staff to re-enter the same information into each separately. This introduces a number of inefficiencies and increases the likelihood of erroneous input.

Of the many benefits to be gained by integrating separate applications with Laserfiche document management software, the single greatest benefit is usually cost saving derived from improved efficiency. A recent case study highlights how relatively simple changes to a work process can have dramatic time and cost saving benefits.


Web Integration Guide!

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Laserfiche workflow technologies enable businesses to automate manual office processes without programming; and provide advanced users a mechanism to interact with other IT systems and software for maximum business benefit.

Over the years, our team of experienced technicians have undertaken many successful integration projects (and data migrations) from various applications and Laserfiche document management, delivering both efficiencies and real time access to information. Recent projects include:

  • Secure client portals
  • Integration with Digital Signature technologies
  • Integration with financial applications
  • Integration with Trust & Company Secretarial applications
  • Payment approvals
  • Holiday requests
  • Health & Safety process management

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