Document Workflow

Laserfiche workflows enable your organisation to automate standard, collaborative business processes, such as approvals or routing based on conditions. When coupled with Quick Forms, we can produce customised solutions that speed up input and convert previous time consuming tasks into highly optimised business processes.

The added insight and accountability that workflow brings to these often labour intensive tasks means you can leave the system to tell you when a process has stopped, where it has stopped and who needs to action the next step in order to complete the process.

Laserfiche workflow can transforms your static repository into a dynamic content management solution ensuring your business processes are performed consistently and efficiently.

We have many international clients using Laserfiche document workflows to automate key business processes from account applications to the selective distribution of client information across secure portals. Workflows can also manage the removal of information based on business rules.


Document Workflow Guide!

Find out why workflow management is an essential part of an efficient document management strategy.



For clients interested in seeing a ‘proof of concept’ we can provide tailored demonstrations to illustrate benefits using your own documents and processes.For further information, contact us using the form below or download a copy of the Laserfiche Rio ECM brochure which outlines how workflow management tools are an essential part of an efficient document management strategy.

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