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‘Because we have always done it that way’, is the most common answer business give when asked ‘why are you doing that?’

Business needs are constantly changing and evolving; however, once a process is established within a business, it can often remain unchallenged for many years. This results in once efficient processes becoming outdated, inefficient and costly to maintain?

The first stage of any successful project is to have a clear understanding of the business requirements – How it operates at the moment, where you need it to go and for what reasons. Your ‘Document Management Strategy’ should incorporate all aspects of documents within your organisation – including the format they arrive in, how they are created, how they flow through your organisation, how they are stored and retrieved, systems used and the value of those documents to your organisation.

The Document Management Strategy will also highlight strengths and weaknesses of your current document processes, and form the basis to implement a successful document management solution.


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Outlining many key points of an effective document management strategy.


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