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We provide Document Management Solutions to an international client base. The number one benefit of a document management solution (everywhere) is to find a document quickly. Industry figures state that the average worker spends 30% of their time either filing or searching for documents. Not only are staff more productive, but customer service is greatly improved by the fact that, in a lot of cases, you don’t have to phone customers back as queries can be dealt with there and then as the information is available instantly.

Businesses can derive many benefits from a document management system including improved business workflows and DR (disaster recovery). We have direct experience of this after a client’s business became inaccessible due to fire. Fortunately, due to the DR procedures in place, the business was able to continue working from alternate premises as their paper documents were all scanned, indexed and saved into Laserfiche.

Laserfiche document management software provides a safe and secure environment for all your documents. This includes scanned paper documents, fax, electronic documents (word, excel, etc.) and emails. Additional modules available to support advanced features include: Records Management, client portals and remote access. Laserfiche provides the ability to scale; meeting the needs of both smaller single office installations via the Laserfiche Avante product suite, or the needs of the largest international multi-office, multi-site, multi-repository, multi-jurisdictional organisations via the Laserfiche Rio enterprise solution.


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We also provide a suite of proven and trusted third party products delivering industry standard solutions for digital signatures and email management.At MBS, we have many years direct experience specifying solutions that work across multiple jurisdictions to support the needs of our growing international client base. We provide a comprehensive installation, training and after-sales support service internationally; helping our clients get the best results for their specific business needs from Laserfiche document management software.

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