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Laserfiche gave us a fantastic vehicle for enabling portability.

Lifesize Video Conferencing – First Names Group

First Names Group is a global, independent provider of trust, corporate and fund administration services After acquiring multiple businesses into their company network, they needed a new way to accommodate collaboration between clients and employees regardless of location or time zone

Click here to download the full case story and read how First Names Group were able to accommodate collaboration between clients and employees regardless of location or time zone

Email management helped us recapture thousands of hours!

For document management, records management, and workflow, the IT department standardizes the business on Laserfiche supplied and supported by Manx Business Solutions (MBS) In 2013, MBS introduced Email Manager to automate, track, and classify email communications due to its seamless integration with Laserfiche

The challenge as explained by – Alexander Cajko, IT Project Manager : “We needed to store all client material in a central location As we store all client related material in a central Document Management System (Laserfiche) we needed a method to store communications with the client in this same repository Providing a single source of all documentation & communications Without a solution, emails were printed and stored in

MBS Delivers Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


How MBS Delivers Comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with Email Manager & Laserfiche

Background: Manx Business Solutions (MBS) help their customers better manage critical information and documents with Email Manager and Laserfiche In today’s economy, organizations are investing in technology to increase productivity efficiency, mitigate risk and meet the ever increasing burden of compliance As the primary source for much of the information we create and consume today is email, this must be part of an integrated solution

Challenge: MBS discovered many of their customers were seeking a way to achieve email management with the same ease and automation provided by Laserfiche Seamless

Getting personal with LifeSize Video Conferencing

The IFG International Trust and Corporate Services group is an independent, multi-jurisdictional business Its presence in seven jurisdictions allows it to offer an extensive range of trust and corporate services as well as bespoke solutions to clients Deeply proud of its close client relationships, it has an enviable track record in the administration of bespoke trust and corporate solutions for high net worth individuals, families and corporates

Its staff of more than 400 establishes and administers a range of internationally structured solutions, including trusts, companies and foundations and also provides fund administration services

After the recession struck in 2008, IFG placed more importance on being able to conduct business

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